Mar 23 2006

David Santo Orcero Returns to User Tools Development David Santo Orcero Returns to User Tools Development

Yeah. David (our original userland maintainer) promised to be working on the 2.6 userland tools also.. this is good .. !

Mar 23 2006

Open Source at Newtec

Warning, commercial content below :)

Newtec is looking for young potentials with an interest in Open Source and Software development.
For that matter they are organising a Workshop to meet those people where I will be talking about the Xen usage at Newtec and Wouter Zoon's of Andromda fame will be talking about Model Driven Architecture at Newtec.
Meet us there

Mar 14 2006

Annoying Habit

I just caught myselve typing "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda" on one of my test machines... luckily I did't hit the return key .. I use the above mentionned command to make sure a device boots from network after I reboot it hence bootstrap again, looks like I have been testing that kind of stuff too much recently ;)
A reboot did just fine to get this machine in to 2.6.15-openmosixbeta ;)

Mar 14 2006

rpm -e beagle

While testing FC5 my /home was flooding and I at first didn't really look at it. Then later I experienced often high loads on my machine by some mono process , upon killing it nothing really naughty happened. Didn't pay further attention.

Then a couple of days ago.. I mentionned it to Philip and figured out it was beagle , I therefore removed beagle from my default session startup, problem solved .. I tought ..
Until just now my disk was full and I really knew I hadn't been downloading large stuff recently. So I started figuring out where my space was gone
How come I wasn't surprised that my $HOME/ contained a .beagle that was abusing 4.6Gb of disk space ?

I tought I disabled it and guess what.. there it was .. still running

sdog@mine2 ~$ ps -ef | grep mono | wc -l

Euhm ? So let's disable this thingie.. ah it has a control panel. I want no indexes whatsoever and no logging. Ok.. Submit.
40 minutes later .. yep .. again 350 Mb of Indexes in that directory I solved the problem "permanently" now

root@mine2 ~# rpm -e beagle

I really hope this isn't the prequel of lots of mono problems on our favourite platform
Off course the Gnome people will blame the Fedora people but still there is no need for 88 running instances of one binary

Mar 14 2006

Demo Scene Reunion

Last weekend we had a small Belgian demoscene reunion, meeting up with people I hadn't met for over 10 years but back in those days we travelled Europe to go to events such as Assembly, The Party etc. As expected most of us ended up with some kind of computer related job, some of them even ending up in the Game development industry just as they always wanted. It was weird to be discussing differnt shading techniques again , discussing old demo's again and trying to figure out at which party we couldn't sleep due to the techno party that was being held in the sleeping room.

The fact that I havent played a computer game for ages really showed , when they were discussing the Unreal 3 engine I really tought I had missed out on a new demo Future Crew had released after Second Reality.. :)

Mar 10 2006

Google Analytics

I`m tired of waiting so my quick fix was               localhost

Now lots of pages load quicker again ..

Mar 08 2006

Wim Coekaerts' Blog

Wim Coekaerts has a blog, he doesn't write there very often, but he has one..
Wim is probably the one of the most important belgian open source guys around
Too bad he didn't make it to LCA last year ..

Mar 06 2006

Tuning a MySQL server in 5 minutes

Everybody who can tune a MySQL server in 5 minutes please raise your hands !

yes that's just a ridiculus blog title to attract traffic ... Rudd-O tells us about 5 variables that might have impact on the performance of your database , but really how long does it take you to do a real analysis of where the problems are lying , and how to fix it.. I bet it's more than 5 minutes.

Mar 06 2006

"Vendor" Source or Openend Source

Maria Winslow blogs about "Vendor" Source , as a new term to refer to proprietary source code, no really this is just stupid, it's proprietary they don't like as a word but they keep their code proprietary. "Ceci n'est pas une pipe ?"

So what about a name for a formerly Vendor project now being open sourced We could call it Shared Source .. oh no that's something else.. so let's call it "Opened Source"

Mar 03 2006

History repeated

This thread is almost exactly the reason why I started looking at SSI style clustering, and back then Mosix in particular , well. ages ago :) Things evolved but even with MigSHM in place a SSI style cluster doesn't solve your problem when you try to scale a database.
But how DO you scale a database ? Things have become a bit more easy lately when you combine MySQL-Cluster with LVS , however we still need to figure out a way to do similar stuff for large databases. We really really need this disk storage feature for MySQL cluster some day :)