Mar 10 2006

Google Analytics

I`m tired of waiting so my quick fix was               localhost

Now lots of pages load quicker again ..

Mar 08 2006

Wim Coekaerts' Blog

Wim Coekaerts has a blog, he doesn't write there very often, but he has one..
Wim is probably the one of the most important belgian open source guys around
Too bad he didn't make it to LCA last year ..

Mar 06 2006

Tuning a MySQL server in 5 minutes

Everybody who can tune a MySQL server in 5 minutes please raise your hands !

yes that's just a ridiculus blog title to attract traffic ... Rudd-O tells us about 5 variables that might have impact on the performance of your database , but really how long does it take you to do a real analysis of where the problems are lying , and how to fix it.. I bet it's more than 5 minutes.

Mar 06 2006

"Vendor" Source or Openend Source

Maria Winslow blogs about "Vendor" Source , as a new term to refer to proprietary source code, no really this is just stupid, it's proprietary they don't like as a word but they keep their code proprietary. "Ceci n'est pas une pipe ?"

So what about a name for a formerly Vendor project now being open sourced We could call it Shared Source .. oh no that's something else.. so let's call it "Opened Source"

Mar 03 2006

History repeated

This thread is almost exactly the reason why I started looking at SSI style clustering, and back then Mosix in particular , well. ages ago :) Things evolved but even with MigSHM in place a SSI style cluster doesn't solve your problem when you try to scale a database.
But how DO you scale a database ? Things have become a bit more easy lately when you combine MySQL-Cluster with LVS , however we still need to figure out a way to do similar stuff for large databases. We really really need this disk storage feature for MySQL cluster some day :)

Mar 03 2006

MySQL AB :: Make MySQL 5.1 Rock

Now why doesn't this contest surpise me ..

2 weeks ago when I was testing Disk Data in MySQL Cluster
I submitted Bug 1705 and joked to Mikael about the bugs for iPod contest being over , he referred me to the Hall Of Fame Contest.. guess what .. now there is a new contest :)

Happy hunting..

Mar 03 2006

RMS at Fosdem

I was about to write on this topic earlier but never came around actually doing it.
Ploum is so right about RMS.

Fosdem lost a valuable half day of conference because once again they scheduled RMS.
So before Fosdem I took a poll and asked about 50 people that planned on going to Fosdem if they were going to see RMS. Guess what .. only 1 guy planned to go .. and he said he wanted to go ther for a good laugh, guess what .. he didn't even go. People claim Fosdem is 2 days, no it isn't it's 1.5 day, really .. nobody cares anymore about RMS, not for the 5th year in row.. We've seen him too much giving the same talk over and over again. He became a parody of himselve .. altough he has some valid points about freedom Fundamentalism is never a good thing ever, and that's where RMS misses the ball..

Don't get me wrong, I respect RMS for what he has done, but there must be other interresting people out there that can give a keynote at fosdem next year, RMS might even be there given a talk, but get him out of Janson

Anyway I want my Tea now !

Mar 03 2006

Grmbl ?

Wouter, that's why people wrote mythtv

Feb 28 2006

Index of /mirror/FOSDEM

At you can find some Fosdem video recordings

Feb 27 2006

Karanbir Singh - Thinkability - Travel in and pre-Fosdem drinks

Karanbir Singh - Thinkability - Travel in and pre-Fosdem drinks

Sorry about the beers, I've had lots of people commenting me on my "Everything is a fscking dns problem" T-shirt but I didn't see anyone wearing a Cent-OS T-Shirt either

The beers will have to wait till the UKUUG Lisa then, I`m sure it will be lots easier to find me as I`ll be presenting a talk there :)