nag nag nag

Mar 10 2010

Dear @SonyEricssonBE

I`m very sad, I won't be able to make it to the @AndroidPartybe tonight, and neither will I be making it to @plugg tomorrow :(

I have to sit back and watch you hand out Xperia X10's to people that plan on selling it to buy a new iPad or a Nexus, people that don't realize what a great piece of technolgy Sony Ericsson usually delivers or just kids that want any cool phone and all that while being forced to use an HTC Hero

I've seen Nokia hand out N900's to a zillion people , but I don't want an N900. I've been using SonyEricsson devices for ages GA628, SH888, T39m, K700, K800i.I've had them all . but as the X10 wasn't available when my K800i broke down late last year I just couldn't wait for it anymore and had to get me an Android one way or another.

So what about you giving me one ? :)