Getting rid of Blogger

So time had come to move all my other blogs to drupal and move them away from blogger.
When I migrated this blog from dotclear to Drupal I found a php script that grabbed all the content from my dotclear setup and migrated it to a fresly installed drupal. I was hoping to find a similar tool for Blogger .

Well no such luck .. most of the links I found instructed me to first install wordpress, use the import functionality of wordpress then migrate from wordpress to Drupal.

Setting up a Wordpress and importing the Blogger postings took me about 10 minutes. Then the hunt for a WordPress to Drupal migration tool started .. first I ran into into a binary one that seemed to be able to connect too my database but couldn't find the wordpress databases. Next I ran into a drupal module that only worked on 4.6 But luckily at last I ran into A drupal module that works with 5.X well. not sure if it does .X but at least with .1 .. (as one of the tests I ran waas on a 5.2 and it failed there)

So a couple of manual changes of users mappings , setting up new themes and some postings on the old blogs that there was a new feed to be subscribed to I was ready to go...

Untill.. I couldn't log on to one of the blogs anymore .. I could ask for a onetime login session, ,manage from there .. then try to log on with the new password and promptly I was shown an Access Denied page . Weird..
The watchdog logs told me that the logon was successfull. but the next entry told me that it was the anonymous user failing access to the protected pages .

Thxn to gnat_x on #drupal_support I cleared my cookies and seemed to solve the issue.
He told me he had seen issues before with settings where and conflicted or it might have been and .. He was right.. so I`ll need to figure out how to set my base_url for the different drupals I have running :)


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#1 Branson Real Estate : Word Press

I love Word Press and would take it over Blogger any day of the week.
I've used blogger in the past. And it is a stable blogging platform. But when it comes to tweaks and customizations, you just can't beat the level of functionality that Word Press gives you.
I think it's great you made the transition!
Thanks for sharing.

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#2 seo carissa : if we concern with SEO,

if we concern with SEO, wordpress is the winner, but if we concern with the lay out, i choose drupal :D

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#3 Todd Beardsley : Wordpress

I have tried everything and I am partial to Wordpress. It's very easy and convenient.

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#4 Klip izle : Wordpress

I think Wordpress is better than Drupal.

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#5 artykuły tematyczne : drupal is the best blog cms

drupal is the best blog cms now i think

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#6 WoW Bot Admin : ...

nooo wordpress is the best cms :P

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#7 Kabon : Never using blogger

I am never using blogger before. For the first time i am using wordpress as a blog engine. But know i think i'll try to using Drupal. It's sound great engine too.

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#8 Austin Real Estate Blog : wordpress vs drupal

I started with moveable type a while ago and have hated it. Why did you move to drupal instead of wordpress. With newer blogs I am looking at wordpress. It seems to have a decent number of nice plugins.

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#9 lowering springs : Despite of searching

Despite of searching everywhere, I couldn't find some thing to migrate all my wordpress content to Drupal. Perhaps i was searching with Drupal 6.X. Anyhow I have been using Drupal 6.x on all my new ventures and hope that someday i shall have some tool which could migrate from wordpress to Drupal 6.

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#10 Run your car on water : Well, i think that drupal is

Well, i think that drupal is good. However I have been using blogger for a long time and I am satisfied.

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#11 Air Duct Cleaning Atlanta : Just like Kris said, you want

Just like Kris said, you want to be in control of your site. All you need is for blogger to get a reason not to like you anymore, and then bang! you are out of luck!

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#12 Sharon : Thats cool, but one thing is

Thats cool, but one thing is like they are saying, you don't have any control with your blog. It can be gone at any time...

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#13 Jeremy : Why would anyone want to get

Why would anyone want to get rid of good ol' Blogger?

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#14 Kris Buytaert : Because

It is YOUR content and YOU want to be in control.

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#15 klip izle : Great artikel :)

Great artikel :)

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#16 Chad : drupal to wordpress

I actually moved from drupal to wordpress a while ago using the following script. You could probably modify this script to do the opposite.

  1. -- taken from
  2. -- <a href="<br />
  3. --" title="<br />
  4. --"></a> and then improved :-)
  6. -- these lines will result in the deletion of all existing posts, comments
  7. -- and categories. Comments these out using '--' or /* ... */ if you don't
  8. -- want that to happen
  9. DELETE FROM wp_posts ;
  10. DELETE FROM wp_comments ;
  12. /*
  13. -- does not work (think it is to do with password issues)
  14. -- also causes problems with auto-increment
  15. delete from wp_users;
  17. INSERT INTO wp_users
  18. (ID, user_login, user_pass, user_nickname, user_email, user_registered)
  19. SELECT
  20. uid, name, pass, name, mail, FROM_UNIXTIME(timestamp)
  21. FROM users;
  22. */
  24. INSERT INTO wp_posts(
  25. ID, post_author, post_date, post_content, post_title, post_excerpt,
  26. post_name, post_modified
  27. )
  28. SELECT a.nid, 1, FROM_UNIXTIME(a.created), b.body, a.title, b.teaser, concat('OLD',a.nid), FROM_UNIXTIME(a.changed)
  29. FROM node as a, node_revisions as b
  30. WHERE a.nid = b.nid AND (a.type='blog' OR a.type='page' OR a.type='story' OR a.type='forum');
  32. INSERT INTO wp_comments (
  33. comment_post_ID, comment_date, comment_content, comment_parent
  34. )
  35. SELECT nid, FROM_UNIXTIME(timestamp), concat(subject,' ', comment), thread
  36. FROM comments ;
  38. DROP TABLE term_data;
  39. DROP TABLE term_hierarchy;
  40. DROP TABLE node;
  41. DROP TABLE term_node;
  42. DROP TABLE comments;
  43. DROP TABLE users;

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#17 SouthMedia : Thank you for the tips.I'll

Thank you for the tips.
I'll try to do something out of ot so I can do the oppostie - from Wordpress to Drupal.

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#18 greggles : wordpress2drupal

There is a wordpress2drupal importer on as well:

I don't know if it's the same thing as the file, but it's generally better to centralize work/interest around project pages (with issue queues and more) than some random file out there on the web.

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#19 ben_ : Welcome to the club!

I had the same problem just a fortnight ago. I use the Wordpress XML-Export, fixed the XML with a hell lot of Regular Expressions and Search&Replace an imported this, using a tiny module by myself and SimpleXML.

I.m.h.o it would be a great great benefit for Drupal to have a WP2Drupal Module, that is easy to use and always up ti date, as bloggers are an extremly important audience, if you want to succeed in the web.

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#20 Bevan : I wish you had posted this

I wish you had posted this about a month ago! :(