You guys need Fon

Philip points us to The ethics of stealing a wifi . I too love the sprinkler anlogy.

However Ploum in the comments is right about being afraid of the morons that are proud to say that they used the open wifi of their neighbor to download movies and they took away all of the monthly 15Go limit in a few days !

Thats why you should use Fon. it gives you both bandwith limitation,
security, logging and other things. You get to see who has been using your AP , for how long, how frequent etc .. You can Limit the bandwith someone uses. etc. And because off course you choose to be a Linus, you get to surf on other peoples connections when roaming around.
What else would you be running on a Linksys ?


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#1 Ploum : No way to download the Fon firware

I subscribed to the fon website but I didn't find any way to download the software. And the comments here doesn't seems to be very enthousiast.

I'm using dd-wrt currently and I would be very happy to set a hotspot but it seems to involve a lot stuffs I didn't/can't deal with here at home (a radius server, a php/mysql server ...)

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#2 Kris Buytaert :

On there is a link "Other Fon Routers" where you can choose different Linksys firmwares.

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#3 Philip Paeps : I don't own a Linksys

...but if I ever buy an access point, I think it will be a FON.

Raph: 12EUR sounds like a fair price -- is this promo still on somewhere? How does one qualify? According to the website, FON charges 43EUR for their gadgets.

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#4 Kris Buytaert : Invites

I've got 20 (-1 now) invites left ..

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#5 Kris Buytaert : Vendor Lockin ?

Christhope, tell me about that Fon Vendorlock in ?
If I want to swap my Fon setup back to another device I have the source code to do so.

I used to have a Linksys with openwrt, then upgraded that to Fon, which is hmm.. pretty much identical.
Then for cheapsake and a friend wanting to buy a Linksys while I wasn't using the 4 switch ports I got a Fonero .. and he got my Linksys.

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#6 Raphael Bauduin : Just order my fonera!

I used a promotion FON did and ordered my fonera + fontena for 12€.
Waiting for it to be delivered. At that price there's no reason to not join the network!


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#7 Peter Korsgaard : OpenWrt

Why, openwrt ofcause ;)

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#8 christophe vandeplas : dd-wrt

I run dd-wrt on my linksys box.
I have a portal page with disclaimer where the visitor can click on a button before being able to access the internet.

Next to this legal protection I plan to implement traffic shaping for DHCP IP's.

This way the network will stay open for everyone, something that is NOT the case with FON, and I will not suffer from abuse of other people.

The disadvantage of FON is that you have a vendor-lock'in and you don't really encourage normal people to use it an to share it themselves. Can you really imagine your parents specially buying a FON for home? I can't