Which opensource database are you using / planning to use


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#1 Anonymous

Just Saying.

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#2 Anonymous

Why mentioning MySQL Enterprise? Hidden agenda behind poll? :)

MySQL Enterprise is more a package of services and software.. I think it does not fit in this list at all. Where is 'EnterpriseDB' then?

The 3 MySQL's should be grouped in one..

My .02!

-Geert (@MySQL)

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#3 Kris Buytaert

I indeed should have added EnterpriseDB

I added MySQL Enterprise just as I would add
Fedora, RHEL and Centos in a Distro poll.

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#4 Anonymous

Need multiple options possible, use the DB/tool that fits your needs.

MySQL Community, except for GIS applications where you need the PostGIS extensions (OpenStreetMap).