Feb 09 2008

I`m Going to Fosdem

thnx Christophe

Feb 06 2008

Fosdem 2008

This February I`ll be heading to my 8th Fosdem in row.

I went to every single Fosdem so far, some years only one day because of other obligations but I was a round most of the time
During the first couple of years I was pretty active in the FIT team, helping out people to find the right rooms , keeping the fosdem contributions safe with Sven, funding different social events and devroom dinners ,
Later I was in charge of the HPC and Cluster devroom in which we also held the openMosix summits.
And back in 2004 I replaced Moshe at the openMosix Summit standing in front of a great audience at the Janson room.

As Wim just pointed out the Drupal Devroom schedule is out
and it seems like 2008 will be the year that I have to rush my talk in order for the Drupal Devroom to close its doors on Sunday evening. I'll be sharing my knowledge on MySQL cluster with the Drupal crowd for them to learn and benefit from.

Jan 28 2008


So while Siteseeing I figured out that indeed NotchUp is a Drupal site.

Not only is it a Drupal site.. and not only can you import your LinkedIn contacts, but they also seem to be able to parse your profile (hResume) ? Do they have access to the LinkedIn API already ?
I was just hoping the could open up that part of their code :)

And yes.. they have a scaling issue :), so I`m guessing they will be the first to pay me real money to interview with them themselves.

Jan 09 2008

New User Autosubscribe to Simplenews

Dear ComputerMinds you seem to have had the same problem I`m encountering today, nameley wanting to have a subscribe/unsubscribe to mailinglist form upon user registration, you also seem to have solved it once. albeit for Drupal 4.7 and you were once even sharing the code with us.
Would you please consider sharing it again, or am I overlooking other alternatives to do the same ?

While I`m at it lets figure out how to change the page a first time user gets when he logs on :)

Jan 08 2008

I got Interviewed

Some people obviously think I`m still interresting enough to interview

Reminds me of my first interviews over a decade ago .. I`m still being remembered by one of my famous quotes back then rougly translated to "those toddlers steal my bandwith" , when being asked about how the growing userbase of the KULeuven PC rooms in the Dekenstraat influenced my network usage :) (Think 1994 ish :))

But the acutal news is that Profoss is coming closer and closer .. and you should now Register!
So all you Drupal and MySQL folks out there.. this is your chance to learn about virtualization !

Dec 27 2007

multipage pager

Dear Lazyweb,

A couple of weeks ago I figured out how to create a multipage form , then some weeks later I figured out how to create a paged resultset

Tomorrow I`ll continue looking for a way to combine them both, but maybe the layzyweb can work while I`m sleeping

Dec 21 2007

Yasn, but something totally different

So the last couple of weeks we've been laughing at different new social networks .. wondering what the use of all those seemingly identical services is as we were looking for that killer extra service they are offering and why on earth (apart from identdity protection) we would want to sign up with with it.

Now Luke just pointed to Puppet being added on Ohloh. I remembered Ohloh and decided it deserved a second look.

I was positively surprised.. Ohloh lets you "stack" the Open Source projects you use then it suggests you with people that use similar tools, or similar tools.

If you stack Drupal it suggests you alternatives you don't need :)

But it also shows you a list of the Top Contributors

If you are an active contributor to a project there is more , it calculates your experience based on your commits in projects.. heck.. not really accurate as it lists me with 3 months C/C++ experience . And you can get Kudo's for your work :)

Now all it needs is being able to link with your friends so you can figure out what tools they are using :)

Dec 19 2007

Getting rid of Blogger

So time had come to move all my other blogs to drupal and move them away from blogger.
When I migrated this blog from dotclear to Drupal I found a php script that grabbed all the content from my dotclear setup and migrated it to a fresly installed drupal. I was hoping to find a similar tool for Blogger .

Well no such luck .. most of the links I found instructed me to first install wordpress, use the import functionality of wordpress then migrate from wordpress to Drupal.

Setting up a Wordpress and importing the Blogger postings took me about 10 minutes. Then the hunt for a WordPress to Drupal migration tool started .. first I ran into into a binary one that seemed to be able to connect too my database but couldn't find the wordpress databases. Next I ran into a drupal module that only worked on 4.6 But luckily at last I ran into http://dojotoolkit.org/~ktiedt/wp2drupal5.tar.gz A drupal module that works with 5.X well. not sure if it does .X but at least with .1 .. (as one of the tests I ran waas on a 5.2 and it failed there)

So a couple of manual changes of users mappings , setting up new themes and some postings on the old blogs that there was a new feed to be subscribed to I was ready to go...

Untill.. I couldn't log on to one of the blogs anymore .. I could ask for a onetime login session, ,manage from there .. then try to log on with the new password and promptly I was shown an Access Denied page . Weird..
The watchdog logs told me that the logon was successfull. but the next entry told me that it was the anonymous user failing access to the protected pages .

Thxn to gnat_x on #drupal_support I cleared my cookies and seemed to solve the issue.
He told me he had seen issues before with settings where www.example.com and example.com conflicted or it might have been beta.example.com and blog.example.com .. He was right.. so I`ll need to figure out how to set my base_url for the different drupals I have running :)

Dec 15 2007


Everybody who once spent 5 minutes debugging drupal forms will spot the difference..

  1. $form['currency'] = array(
  2. '#type' => 'textfield',
  3. '#title' => t('currency'),
  4. '#size' => 60,
  5. '#maxlength' => 255,
  6. '#default_value' => $dateset->currency,
  7. '#description' =>t('currency')
  8. );

Looks an awfull lot like

  1. $form['currency'] = array(
  2. '#type' => 'textfield',
  3. '#title' => t('currency'),
  4. '#size' => 60,
  5. '#maxlength' => 255,
  6. '#value' => $dateset->currency,
  7. '#description' =>t('currency')
  8. );

Only the second one isn't much use in a form :)

Dec 03 2007

SELECT vs select

I spent way too much time this weekend trying to get the pager stuff in Drupal working for a module I`m playing with.

I had learned a lot from the watchdog module on how paging was supposed to be working and I was trying to do the same with another database. As I got a page limited by the number of records I wanted but I couldn't find any of the fancy next, previous and page number thingies that I wanted.

The watchdog module worked for me and I started stripping the watchdog module till I could actually replace my function with watchdog_overview function. Even replaced the watchdog query with my qeury.. but not such luck.. I couldn't get $output .= theme('pager', NULL, 50, 0); to work.

So as every open source geek does.. I started looking into the code. pager.inc
The header told me the author.. I could mail him and wait or even call him , , but I read on.
$pager_total_items[$element] = db_result(db_query($count_query, $args));
Never returned anything useful.., my mysql log learned me there never was any query with a count ..
Till I modified the pager.inc file to actually perform the query I wanted it to do.. and it started working.
Then I took a closer look at the regexp that was being used to create the $count_qeury
$count_query = preg_replace(array('/SELECT.*?FROM /As', '/ORDER BY .*/'), array('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ', ''),$query);
However my query was all in lowercase so the count was never inserted.

The only difference between the working watchdog module and my own code was in the use of uppercase SQL statements.
So call me lazy :)